Tf Fenway Hero

Want to be a Trusted Fan and enjoy seamless entry into Fenway Park for every Red Sox game? We are offering a promotional signup fee of only $5 for the rest of the 2019 season. With the wave of your hand we capture your biometrics and you become a Trusted Fan!

How does it work? What do I need to enroll? To enroll, provide a state issued driver’s license or I.D. and your email address. We’ll then capture your fingerprints with the wave of your hand. The entire process takes approximately 1 minute and then you will enjoy Trusted Fan entry into Fenway for the remainder of the 2019 Red Sox season.

Cost: The program is $25, however we are running a promotional discount of $5 for the remainder of the 2019 season. 

Where are we located? Our Trusted Fan entry is located near Gate E, next to Will Call. You can also enroll at this location or in the concourse just inside Gate A.

TSA Pre ® Members Receive Free Trusted Fan Enrollment: If you are a TSA Pre ✓® member, you receive free enrollment into the Trusted Fan program. Stop by our booth located just inside Gate A.

Do kids get to go in the Trusted Fan line with me? Kids fifteen and under are allowed to go through the Trusted Fan entry with their parent or legal guardian who is a Trusted Fan member.

Do I get a plus one? No, if you are a non-TSA Pre ✓® member, you can enroll in Trusted Fan for just $5 for the remainder of the 2019 Red Sox season. 

Red Sox - Trusted Fan Enrollment Schedule